Outmigration Context Reports

Dear Presidents and Chancellors,

At the December Presidents & Chancellors meeting, Dr. Eric Lichtenberger provided a preliminary analysis of data the Information Management and Research staff gathered on outmigration. Attached are three separate documents reporting this data.

The first DataPoint shares the residence and migration patterns of college freshmen into and from Illinois (2000-2014).  NCES/IPEDS and IBHE Fall Enrollment data was used.

The second DataPoint provides the college enrollment patterns (in-state vs. out-of-state) of recent Illinois high school graduates (2013-2015). Data provided by ISBE was used.

An infographic provides top-line findings on the outmigration context provided in both DataPoints.

Of all the graduates from Illinois high schools who went to four-year colleges in 2015, 45% or 18,165 students attended college out-of-state.

This rate of out-of-state enrollment among four-year college freshmen has increased by 55%  since 2002.

Illinois currently ranks second to New Jersey in net loss due to student migration patterns (IL= -16,623; NJ = -29,101 in 2014).

The net loss of Illinois residents to other states in 2012 and 2014 of roughly 16,500, is larger than the total undergraduate student body (not just freshmen) of nine Illinois public universities, (all except UIUC, UIC, and ISU).

Eliminating the net loss would result in more than $215 million in additional tuition and fees revenue to Illinois universities (using the average tuition and fees for Illinois public universities, but not including the increased revenues to communities from other normal student expenditures for room, board and living expenses).

The recent growth in four-year out-of-state enrollment was primarily attributable to large increases at public out-of-state universities. Enrollment at out-of-state private colleges declined slightly in 2015.

The top receiving universities for Illinois residents in 2014 were University of Missouri, University of Iowa, Indiana University, and Iowa State University.

Dr. Lichtenberger and his staff plan to update this analysis further upon the receipt of 2016 fall enrollment data that should be available in March, 2017. If you have any questions please contact Eric at  (217) 557-7375, lichtenberger@ibhe.org<mailto:lichtenberger@ibhe.org>


IBHE Data Points – 2017-1 – Outmigration in Illinois

IBHE Data Points – 2017-2 – Outmigration in Illinois

IBHE Data Points – 2017-3 – Outmigration in Illinois